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Sample input and output generated image from DALL·E 2 in Searix's Virtual Media Booth

AI Experiments: Preview of Integrating DALL·E 2 into Searix’s Virtual Media Booth

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Everyone knows ChatGPT, but DALL·E 2 on the other hand, seems less popular, despite both being created by OpenAI. Trust us when we say it’s also nothing short of impressive. Quoted directly from their site – DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

Here, take a look –

Inspiration came when we were asked if we could conceptualise a user experience to showcase that “anyone can be an artist”.

What if we could allow a user to create an image that was AI-generated, and also capture the user’s photo to feature them both together on a digital display like a TV or LED wall? Our Virtual Media Booth capable of capturing photos, GIFs, boomerangs and videos on mobile devices immediately came to mind.

We came up with an initial structure to guide the formulation of a descriptive sentence –

  • Describe your subject
  • Describe what your subject is doing
  • Describe where your subject is

Passing DALL·E 2 sentences with this guide seemed to produce pretty cool results, so we introduced this as the first step in our Virtual Media Booth. Forgive the lorem ipsum – perhaps we should use ChatGPT to create our helper texts next!

Sample input and output generated image from DALL·E 2 in Searix's Virtual Media Booth

Then, we introduced the resultant generated image as a sticker and background for the user to take a capture a selfie with.

From here, putting the images in a mosaic wall or slide-by-slide featurewould complete the experience.

An additional important consideration for brands – generated images are free of intellectual property limitations. As long as the content policy is observed, commercial usage of the generated images is allowed.

Interested in exploring AI-generated images and responses for your event / campaign? Let’s have a chat!