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Virtual Event Platform Main Session Breakout Room Vimeo Live Streaming

Showcase: Virtual Live Streaming Event Platform for HDB Family Day

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Earlier in September 2020, Searix and Unearthed Productions partnered to deploy a virtual live streaming event platform. Its purpose – to allow 1,200 HDB staff to gain authorized access to a live stream and participate in breakout activities. Here’s a look at how the live event platform tied everything together.


Preventing Unauthorized Access with One-Time Passwords

Virtual Event Platform - OTP Login for Authentication

Eligible participants simply need to enter their email address in order to receive a One-Time Password (OTP) to gain access to the live stream. We were able to quickly and easily add new participants to the system so that they may request for their OTPs to login. This way, we achieved the distribution of access without the need for the distribution of QR codes or login credentials to the participants.


Live Stream via Vimeo, Chat and Support

Virtual Event Platform Main Session Breakout Room Vimeo Live Streaming

Participants who successfully authenticated with their OTP would be greeted by the live stream page. This page contained a video stream from Vimeo, a chat room and a support channel. Unearthed Productions, our partner for the event, managed the content across these channels. From here, the participants were able to watch the main live stream and navigate into breakout rooms.


Tracking of Last Active State for Lucky Draws

Virtual Event Platform Live Lucky Draw

What’s a family day without lucky draws? We included 2 key features that made this possible – tracking of the last breakout room entered, as well as the last active time of each participant. We were able to filter the participants by those parameters to conduct lucky draws with them.


Options for Breakout Rooms

Virtual Event Platform Zoom Breakout Room

Finally, there are two options for the implementation of breakout rooms. To accommodate for interactions within the breakout rooms, the links can be configured as links to video call solutions. These can include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, BlueJeans or others. Otherwise, we can continue to embed YouTube or Vimeo streams in a similar way that we embedded a Vimeo link on for the main session.


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