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Central Kitchen Supplies Ordering System

Save Hours Each Day
Inventory, Ordering & Delivery Management

I used to have to spend up to 10 hours a day managing everything. Now all that time is saved and I only need 10 minutes to make all the right arrangements each day now.
Lee Tiong Leng Founder, Siam Square Mookata

Businesses rely on their supply chain to fulfill sales. SIAM SQUARE MOOKATA’s rapid expansion in 2013 led to significant bottlenecks in management; ensuring a constant daily supply of fresh ingredients posed a logistical challenge due to the need for the prompt consolidation of orders and delivery in different languages.

We swiftly developed and deployed a lightweight multilingual supplies ordering system for SIAM SQUARE MOOKATA’s central kitchen business processes, increasing productivity by saving the F&B business approximately 10 man-hours daily.


Siam Square Mookata Supply Chain System


Our Central Kitchen Supplies Ordering System can be customized to save time and lessen the daily workload of consolidating and sending orders between suppliers and branches / outlets – perfect for distributors, franchise owners and supply chain management (SCM).


Login Anytime, Anywhere

Our web application can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, at any time. Roles can be customized for different levels of access and the dashboard can be tailored specifically to each user role.

Consolidated Reports and Orders

After making an order, the system can be configured to send automated emails at specific times of the day to suppliers or at a user-specified time. Reports of the consolidated orders as well as individual branch orders can be viewed at all times with the most updated information.

Offline Delivery Order and Invoices

Delivery orders and invoices can be pre-printed or generated by the deliveryman when he arrives at the franchisee / branches / outlets with the supplies.

Multi-Language Support

Our system supports different languages for inventory items so that if your staff or delivery personnel can only understand a certain language, they can set their view of the system in that language.



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