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e-Journalism Design & Development for GovInsider

Professional Minimalist Website Design

GovInsider needed an e-Journalism website design that combined optimal UI/UX design and conversion nudges so as to create a minimalist user layout with the same professional look as The New York Times.

GovInsider is the brainchild of its Editor, Joshua Chambers.

We set out to design and create an e-Publishing platform with 3 simple goals –

Simple and clean design that makes reading pleasurable
Non-intrusive advertising with customized detailed statistics easily accessible by different advertisers
SEO-friendly code to assist in getting listed on Google News

The result was a white-based hybrid grid design with infinite scroll used to load subsequent articles.

Accurate Analytics

Google Analytics was used and configured to accurately detect the readership of each story, even with the infinite scroll loading. The analytics data were separated into different channels, and further into specific posts that are sponsored content. All sponsored content were marked as such, and each page had strict code implementations that abides closely with Google’s News Guidelines.
Low bounce rates after the site proves that both the content and the site design have been effective at attaining and retaining readership.

P.S. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared the very first article that GovInsider published.

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