Retail Campaign Lucky Draw System

Drive Sales, Engagement & Remarketing

If you organize lucky draws, you might as well do it right.

Why Us?


Run Simultaneous Campaigns

  • Collect & update your customer information digitally – removes the need for data entry & minimizes inaccurate information
  • Customize each campaign’s customer list, banner & qualifying spend per chance
  • Track each campaign’s statistics – new & updated customer information, top & most frequent customers and even their purchase history

retarget customers

Re-target Your Customers

  • Customers can scan a QR code or access a link to submit receipts or check their chances
  • Google / Facebook Retargeting tags added to that link will allow you to re-target your customers again
  • Utilize updated customer information from your previous campaigns for your next campaigns


Integrate Using Webhooks

  • Run the system as a stand-alone, or integrate with your POS system
  • Use webhooks to get updated customer information fed back to your CRM
  • Connect with Zapier to process multi-step workflows with the information


Secure & Reliable

  • Audit log keeps track of all activities happening across the system
  • Database is encrypted and with stringent physical & digital access controls, encrypted hourly off-site backup and active monitoring
  • Alternatively, the database can be hosted and managed separately by your organization

How It Works


Strategize your promotional campaign, create the marketing collateral for it, create an instance of it on our system, and customize the aesthetics and qualifying spend chances. That’s it, you’re good to go!
customize your lucky draw


Customers can get their receipts verified at a kiosk or counter to redeem lucky draw chances. Alternatively, they can upload their receipts onto the system for further verification.

With each participation in the lucky draw, you fight data decay by getting updated customer spending and contact information, and with well-placed Google / Facebook retargeting advertisements, create new opportunities to remarket to your customers.

collect shoppers information retarget


When the campaign is over, eligible participants and their lucky draw chances will be ported into our lucky draw system, which will allow your VIP to perform the automatic selection of random winners. The whole process is logged, and can be audited as well as exported.
pick winners


You will be able to view and export information from the campaign, including

  • Customers with new / updated information
  • Best customers by spending / frequency
  • Total qualifying sales by day

With renewed understanding about your customers, plan your next campaign better, then rinse and repeat.

review rinse repeat

What’s Included

retail lucky draw customize campaigns

Access to our system to create customized lucky draw campaigns and to approve submitted receipts

retail lucky draw mobile friendly app

Mobile-friendly web app with your remarketing tags for your customers to submit their receipts and view their accumulated chances

retail lucky draw technical support

Technical support to help you with any issues that you may encounter

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