Customised Digital Queue Management Systems (QMS)

Innovative, Customer-centric & Secure

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Why Us?


  • We map out your customer segments’ demographics, behavior and mindset before planning how to deploy the queue management system.
  • We optimise the queuing process and people flow instead of focusing only on the software.

Multiple Contingency Measures

  • We perform risk assessments for ad-hoc setups and create fall-backs and back-ups on infrastructural, software and on-site levels.
  • We have a SOP and BCP for different levels of failures.

Integration with Post-Queue Systems

  • Integrate the queue management system with an inventory management system for redemptions, or recruitment system for interview roadshows.
  • Connect with your CRM if APIs are available.
  • Customised post-queue systems can be developed.

Secure & Reliable

  • First deployments of the queue management system will have on-site technicians to observe and make ad-hoc improvements to optimise the customer experience.
  • Infrastructure and software practice safe coding and networking standards, more can be found in our privacy deck.

How Our Queue Management Systems Work

Get a Queue Ticket

Choose from a variety of methods to obtain a queue ticket (pre-screening / on-site issuance / online / by SMS or WhatsApp, etc) but focus on the process instead of the technology.
Searix's Queue Management System at the National Steps Challenge Season 5 MEGA Roadshows Obtaining Queue Ticket

Monitor queue number on-site / online

Overview / zonal queue screens, individual booth queue screens and online queue status pages are available.
Checking queue status online at the National Steps Challenge Season 5 MEGA Roadshows with Searix's Queue Management System

It’s your turn

Get notifications on-site / online / via SMS or WhatsApp
Searix's Queue Management System at WSG's Community Career Fair Roadshows Displaying Queue Calling

Integrate with other systems

Whether it’s an inventory system, a CRM system, or an interview management system, we can value-add to your queue management by ensuring you get the right information displayed or attached to each customer with a queue number.
Searix's Queue Management System at WSG's Community Career Fair Roadshows Integrating with External Video Interview System

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Innovative, Customer-centric & Secure?

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