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Moderated Social Media Wall (Twitter & Instagram) for Events

Automatically Curated, Socially Engaged

It’s great for consumer shows, dinner & dances, and even corporate events!
Grace Chan Event Organizer, MP International

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Key Features
Easy Moderation

Moderation Options in the Social Media Wall Admin Panel
We know that your reputation is important, that’s why you get to choose what your event exhibits for your guests to see. The Social Media Wall admin panel shows the latest images curated from Twitter and Instagram, and presents you with a simple choice for each – Approve or Remove. Only approved images and messages get shown on the wall.


Slideshow or Grid View

Social Wall IMDA Grid Animation
Display the images and messages one by one in a slideshow form, or our most popular setup, 9 at once in a grid view.


Display Live

Searix Social Media Wall at CNBC ABLA
Whether it’s on a TV or on a projector screen, the colours and interactions will greatly elevate your event!


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