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Name Display System For Graduation & Award Ceremonies

The streamlined solution for queues to go on stage.

Whether it’s for graduation ceremonies or award ceremonies, the order of which names are called is one thing you cannot get wrong. Here’s the best name display system that you’ll ever use.

Used in Award Ceremonies & Graduation Ceremonies By
Red Cross Singapore
Government of Singapore
Singapore Police Force
Housing Development Board, Singapore
PSB Academy Singapore
BP Singapore
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Seamlessly integrated with our RSVP and on-site registration systems. If you already utilise a different RSVP / registration platform, simply export the participant list as a CSV file for us to import into our registration and name display system.

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Configuration & Customisation

Our name display system offers extensive configuration options to match your brand’s identity. Fonts, colours, positions, background images – they can all be adjusted. If the available options are insufficient, our developers can also dive in and create customisations for your project.

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All actions on our digital systems are logged and backups are taken every 10 minutes.

How Does The Name Display System Work?

On-Site Guest Registration

Guests who arrive on-site can register via scanning a pre-distributed QR code or by searching for their names. If you require RSVP services, we can assist with that too.

Successful registrations result in a print-out of the guests’ seat details and a personalised QR code that they will need to keep for the duration of the event.

Before Going On Stage

Before guests go up to go on stage, they scan the QR codes on their print-out. This puts them in a queue to be called in the order of scanning.

The stage manager can add to and remove people from the queue, and can also alter the order of the queue to cater for last minute changes.

Now, the order of names displayed on the live feed will match the queue order.

Going On Stage

Either the emcee or the show caller can use a control tablet to view the queue and call for the next name.

Each name called will be correspondingly displayed at the lower-third placement on a green screen background.

The background can be keyed out and the name display can be overlaid onto a live camera feed, resulting in the effect seen here.


Since the emcee is always looking at the control tablet, seamless communication can be performed by allowing the show caller to send emcee messages through the system as well.

Searix's Name Display System - Internal Messaging Module

Managing The Event

The best partner to any award event is updated information about the awardees’ attendance and order of queuing. That’s why the statistics presented are specifically customised to help the event / stage manager.

Searix's Name Display System - Internal Statistics

Searix Name Display System On-Site Guest Journey

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