Customized QR Code Event Registration System / RSVP Website

We customize private event micro-sites for registration, data collection and ticket payments. Your guests will receive QR codes that can be brought to the event venue for registration.
You get a private domain name, event registration website and email just for your event. Store and manage your guests’ details locally with peace of mind. Our data collection and usage policies are PDPA-compliant. Your data will be handled with secure controls and securely disposed at the end of your event.
Is your event open for registration or invite-only? Are your invitees allowed to bring guests? Are there quota restrictions? Our online RSVP system can customize your workflow, integrations and design by using your branded resources for the RSVP website and emails.
We handle all the customizations and setup for you so that you don’t have to. Get priority response for support even after hours and on weekends, so you don’t have to worry about delivering the best possible experience for your guests.
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How It Works in 4 Basic Steps
From online QR code event registration to on-site counter registration, the core of our pre-registration system / RSVP website system is to deliver personalized emails to your event guests and collect essential information from them through an event micro-site.

Key Features

Make the most of your event registration with our powerful features.
QR codes generated in personalized emails for each registered guest

Private Email Blasts & Unique QR Codes for Guests
Our RSVP system sends a unique QR code to each guest in a personalized email upon online registration for speedy on-site registration.

Customized Form Workflow
We can customize the form to fit your requirements, from pre-filling the form with invitee information, to allowing your invitees to register additional guests, and even implementing quota restrictions.
RSVP Integrated with Event Registration System

Integrated with our QR Code Counter Registration System
Need on-site QR code event registration support? We offer an entire integrated suite of technology products to serve your event from start to finish.
RSVP Admin Backend

Reports & Statistics
Our platform offers maximum visibility for all information relevant to your RSVP registrations and allows you to efficiently edit your guest list, send out mass reminders and invitations and generate reports on preferences, +1s and others.

Collection of Payment
We can integration an online payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, Wirecard, RedDotPayment and more) should your event require your guest to make an online / credit card payment to you.

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One-stop solution for your entire event timeline
Our suite of solutions aims to strategically improve your productivity and increase visibility across your events teams.

Online RSVP System (SRSVP)

Electronic Direct Mailers (EDM)

Event Registration System (ERS)

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