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At Searix, we envision a world where organizations take fundamental leaps to adopt technology for growth.
We are here to help you achieve that.

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To propel organizations with
technology and excellent systems
& processes designed.
Change is risky, expensive and scary, but the business landscape is always changing. Our customers are changing. Our technology is changing. Our government policies are changing. The way we learn and buy is changing. Organizations need to adapt to that change too.
The problem with solutions as they are now - they are not necessarily optimized and customized to your organizational processes.
Searix aims to help with the holistic adoption of technology to catalyze positive change. We combine our vast experience across many industries together to analyze your business, design new processes, develop proprietary technology, strategize marketing, and help you succeed.
We use a hybrid user-centric model
of Agile and DevOps, built upon the
Lean Startup concept.
We like:
Creating Minimum Viable Products and performing subsequent iterations - they save everyone time and money.
Shared responsibility and open communications between all stakeholders.
Asking the right comprehensive questions - having a full picture helps us make better decisions.
Decisions made from data for the benefit of users and customers.
Flexibility and an open mind - they allow us to pivot and evolve.
Experimentation and belief that the pain of "change" is less than the pain of "same".
At Searix, we firmly believe that there is much more that can be done to improve the business processes of organizations around the world through technology.
To this end, we have consultants, project managers, programmers / developers, designers, video producers and copywriters who have worked with government bodies, multi-national corporations, SMEs and charities alike, and want to share their experience with all our customers.
We believe that we can create sustainable and mutually profitable partnerships through the value of our services and products. At our core, we are light-hearted, fun, pragmatic problem solvers who want nothing more than to make technology build a better life for everyone.
We also believe in corporate and social responsibilities and are always open to assist charities and activists in fair and just causes.
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