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1 BILLION VIEWS: Searix’s Guess The Characters TikTok AR Filter

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Barely a few months after making it to the TikTok Trending Effect of the Week, our homegrown Guess The Characters AR filter achieved 1 billion views, and it’s still continuing to grow!

We were constantly surprised at how an AR filter was able to transcend geographical borders, age, gender, language and culture. We’ve seen parents playing it with their children, couples playing with each other, friends taking turns to challenge it, and countless individuals who had so much fun. Take a look!


Trò này zui nha kakakakak

♬ Mii! – VooDoo

@lola.krs Qui veut une deuxième session de ce jeu ?😆😂❤️ vous les avez tous trouvé ? #disney ♬ son original – 🌟LOLA🌟

Our biggest takeaway –

For a filter to go viral, one method you can adopt is to simplfy the filter’s mechanics and branding as much as possible so that it allows the creativity of the users to take center stage in the videos that they create with it. Consider this – the filter should not be the focus. Instead, the filter should facilitate bringing the content creator into focus.

Follow us at @whysosearix on TikTok and try the Guess The Chracters AR filter for yourself!

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