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Instagram AR Game Filter Ideas

8 Ideas for Instagram AR Games from Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook

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Need inspiration to come up with your brand’s perfect Instagram AR Filter Game? We’ve been creating games that can be played on Instagram lately, and absolutely love them!

Branded Snapchat Lenses and Facebook Filters have been around for a while now, and while we could have created organic unbranded filters for Instagram for the past year, it was only in August/September in 2019 that they finally allowed branded content. With its increasing AR capabilities, you’re not just limited to having a Disney princess randomly being selected over your head, but actual games with scores can be played on Instagram Stories now, and they could have your brand on it. This opened opportunities to marketers, content creators, and brands seeking to engage with millenial and Gen Z audiences, since that is the space that Instagram dominates in. Let’s not go into the benefits and statistics in this post, but delve straight into what you’re here looking for.

  1. The Classic Flappy Bird

    We’ve probably all played the first viral Instagram AR “Flappy Bird” game (“Flying Face” by @dvoshansky, and there’s been a few variations of this made since then, including some that just need you to tilt your head up/down to move. Netflix Polska shows you just hard (and fun) it is to avoid spoilers on your TV journey.

    Instagram AR Game Filter by Netflix Polska

    Instagram AR Game Filter by @netflixpl

  2. Swinging Around Like Tarzan

    We get it, not everyone wants to flap their wings like a bird. Sometimes you just want to swing from tree to tree like Tarzan. Tic Tac lets you do it, while catching Tic Tac Gums and getting eaten by alligators in the jungle.

    Tic Tac Jungle Swinging Snapchat Game

    SnapChat AR Jungle Swinging Snapchat Game by Tic Tac

  3. Flying Around In Space

    If flying in the air is too normal for you, there’s always the option to fly in space! Maybe SpaceX should give this a go!

    Instagram AR Game Filter Flying Rocket Collecting Stars

  4. Riding Around Town In A BMW

    Can’t afford a rocket? You can take things down a notch with BMW’s Vision iNext drive around the city.

    Instagram AR Game by BMW Vision iNext

    Instagram AR Game by @bmwi

  5. Getting Your Food Delivered To You

    Can’t afford a BMW either? You can always get on a motorbike and do food deliveries to save up! Here’s our take on a popular driving game from Maru Design.

    Instagram AR Game Filter Motorcycle Food Delivery Singapore

  6. Balancing or Bouncing A Soccer Ball

    After food, you gotta keep slim by exercising of course…

    Instagram AR Game Soccer Ball Bouncing by KFC

    Snapchat AR Game Soccer Ball Bouncing by KFC

  7. Eating Like PacMan

    All that exercise will make you hungry, so again, you’re back to eating.
    Instagram AR Filter Game PacMan by @burgerkingbrasil

    Instagram AR Game Filter PacMan by @burgerkingbrasil

  8. Taking Bites Off Food

    Finally, there are a few variations of this concept, but here’s our take on yet another eating game.
    Instagram AR Game Filter Eating Ice Cream

  9. Bonus: Catching items with a basket

    In June 2020, we partnered with Heilo to help Häagen-Dazs create this game filter to launch their new ice cream flavours.
    Instagram AR Game Filter Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Launch Collect Fruits

We’ll post more lessons we’ve learned from creating Instagram AR Game Filters in later posts, but we generally recommend businesses who seek to create one to have an overaching campaign to include methods of spreading awareness for it, measurement and calculating ROI. Until next time!

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