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Christmas Themed Instagram AR Filters Blog Post

8 Christmas-Themed Instagram AR Filters

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Santa made a list and checked it twice. We made a list of Instagram AR filters that are Christmas-themed, and checked it twice as well 😉

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 8 Christmas-themed AR filters that can be found on Instagram to get your brain juices flowing. Most of these are published by brands in various countries.

  1. Navidad Carrefour

    Try this fabulous filter by @carrefoures which is a simple online favorite with Santa hats and reindeer antlers and pressies, a really cool filter to be used during this festive season right in front of the tree!

    Christmas Theme Instagram AR Filter

  2. Santa Sleigh Filter

    A Star Wars infused filter with Santa’s Sleigh. Feel what its like to be Santa for a day!

    Media Market Christmas Instagram AR Filter - Reindeer Sleigh

  3. Floss Dance Santa Claus Filter for Two!

    Inspired by Fortnite, Vodafone brings you a silly little filter for two.

    Vodaphone Christmas Instagram AR Filter - Dancing Santa

  4. Christmas AR Filters by Vogue

    Vogue joins in the festivities by bringing you three headdress filter options this Christmas.

    Vogue Christmas Instagram AR Filter

  5. Starbucks Choir

    God rest ye merry Frappucinno’s, enjoy this filter by superimposing yourself to an entire choir. You pick the carols!

    Christmas Instagram AR Filter - Starbucks Choir

    Instagram Game AR Filter by Starbucks

  6. Samsung Pressie Line Game Filter

    Try Samsung’s production line AR game by stacking as many presents as you can, along with 2 Corgi’s to help you along. Simply cutesy.

    Christmas Instagram AR Filter - Samsung

  7. Ice Runner AR Game

    Join Santa on his sleigh in getting as many goodies as you can, “I can’t be held responsible for stolen candy.”

    Christmas Instagram AR Filter

  8. Kiehl’s Instagram AR Game

    Try out Kiehl’s AR blinking game. Its not as easy as it looks…

    Christmas AR Filter Instagram Kiehl's

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