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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #31 – Featuring DHL, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Galeries Lafayette

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In the bygone week, Instagram saw some real good AR filters which we are here to share with you. Scroll on and try them all.

  1. Speed Sorter by DHL

    Do you believe you have excellent sorting skills? Prove your worth by playing this new type of AR game by DHL. In this Speed Sorter game, you have to use your head to move the arm, open your mouth to grab just that particular item that is being shown on the screen. The speed increases as time goes by so be quick and score high!

  2. Norvina Arcade by Anastasia Beverly Hills

    If you’re an arcade lover, we’ve got something exciting for you. Play the legendary Beat the Claw game called Norvina Arcade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Control the claw using your head and grab any of the four items by opening your mouth. Once you grab them, just wait for the magic to happen.

  3. Paris Mon Amour by Galeries Lafayette

    Paris, capital of fashion. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, Paris is the fashion of today and tomorrow. The Galeries Lafayette, an upmarket French department store chain, released a new AR filter where you can try 3 iconic accessories of Paris Mon Amour campaign. Pick your favourite Parisian accessories by trying them on using this filter.

  4. Burberry Kisses by Burberry Beauty

    Burberry Beauty launched their new collection of Lipsticks and a brand-new AR filter for you to try them on. Find your new statement shade with the new Burberry Kisses filter and make a lasting impact. Use your back camera to see the Lipstick in real world. Switch to front camera to check out how you would look wearing that exact shade of lipstick.

  5. Happy Birthday by Компанія robota.ua

    Lets say it out loud – Our hearts ache when we waste a whole cake for our birthday cake-smashed face photos. Well foodies, cry no more. Robota is here to allow you devour your desert and still get the smashed face photos. You know where to find their filter.

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