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Searix’s Pick – 5 Most Unique AR Filters In May

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It is phenomenal how the world of AR filters is developing by leaps and bounds every passing month. May 2021 has been pure magical! What we have here are 5 unimaginably creative Filters that will blow you mind as you scroll through, we bet they will! Head on and have fun.

  1. Team Groente Hakkers by Knorr Nederland

    Knorr came up with a surprisingly unique AR Game filter for everyone to play and have fun. All you have to do is open the filter and scan the knorr logo on any box you have and the game begins. Swipe across the screen to cut the veggies that pop up from the box to score.

  2. Thought Bubbles by Matthew

    Struggling with expressing all the thoughts that keep roaming in your brain? Matthew is here to help. Thought Bubbles are bubbles that reveal and showcase what’s on your mind. You just have to select any photo or video that you want to showcase and thought bubbles will emerge from your head to reveal what you’re thinking about.

  3. Aarushi AR by Roman Pillai

    Every creator struggles with handling the size of a 3D model to fit the limit. Roman is here with an ultra-high resolution 3D model of Aarushi that he made. Everything from the perfect model to the rich textures is commendable! Implementing something like this in an Instagram filter is a peice of art.

  4. Scoop It Up! by KYO 쿄 ♌︎

    The accumulation of plastic waste in the marine environment such as deltas, coastlines, and the ocean surface is drastically increasing. Plastic pollution poses threats on aquatic life, ecosystems, and human health. Kyo and her friends decided to shine a light on this issue through their first AR eco-friendly game, Scoop It Up!, where users are challenged to clean up an island’s plastic in a short span of time. At the end, you will get rewarded with something special!

  5. Escape The Lockdown by David Juan Seelos

    Fascinated by escape room games? This filter is the first-ever “escape the room” game on Instagram with connection to a highly current topic. To play this game, tap the door to open it, enter the room and tap on the computer which will close the door indicating that the game has started. Now, your goal is to find the key for the safe which contains the vaccine. Once you find it, you’ll be vaccinated and be given a green pass and you can now exit through the door. In short, escape lockdown by getting vaccinated!

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