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Electronic Guest Registration and Lucky Draw

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You make it really painless for us. 10/10… in fact, 11/10!
Stephanie Lee Event Organizer & Artist, Vertex Integrated Entertainment

Professional Technology
We provide end-to-end assistance with your event’s registration. From designing RSVP emails, printing invitations and setting up barcode scanning registration stations, we make sure you get to focus on running the show.

Bring on the Excitement
Our lucky draw system lets you customize the display, timing and speed of the lucky draws, making every draw an exciting moment for your event.

A Unique Differentiator
With our one-of-a-kind system ensuring smooth registration and exciting draws, you stand to set yourself apart by bringing the best experience possible for your guests.

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What’s Included?

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as registration stations
Bar code / QR code scanner with a stand attached to each station
Wireless system with software and registrant data pre-loaded
Manpower to operate the system and usher your registered guests


Why Surface Pro 4? It offers 5 hours of in-built battery and WiFi. This means no dangling power cables and the option to not require power outlets in registration booths.

Our professionally trained staff will set up the system before your guests arrive. With the capacity to process over 600 guests per hour per station, we ensure a smooth registration process for your guests!

Step 1: Decide on How to Invite Guests
      • Do you require a website? (Check out a demo website!)
      • How would you like to send invites to your guests?
        • RSVP Form (Check out a demo RSVP form!); or
        • Direct QR Code Invite
      • Physical Invitation Card Required?
        We can assist with printing the names and bar codes directly onto the invitation cards and even do die cut to shapes!
Step 2: Prepare Your Excel / CSV File
      • Indicate personalized information (e.g. organization name) to include in Welcome Screen
      • Indicate lucky draw eligibility
Step 3: Customize Your Screen Designs

Step 4: Choose Lucky Draw Animation

Step 5: Tell us!

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