Digital Lucky Draw Systems for Events and Campaigns

Revolutionize Your Lucky Draw Experience.

Whether it’s for D&Ds, gala dinners, award ceremonies, trade shows or customer marketing campaigns, we have the key to unlocking immersive, engaging and fair lucky draw experiences for your audience. Our digital lucky systems have powered over 1,000 events and campaigns in Singapore, Malaysia and across the globe.

Lucky Draws – An Overview

If you’re looking for an electronic lucky draw mechanism that is reliable, visually attractive and can be white-labelled to your brand, we have a few options for you.

Since 2014, Searix’s lucky draw software have been used by hundreds of brands of all industries – from Prudential to Heineken, from IKEA to Standard Chartered Bank, from Chanel to BOSCH.

Our lucky draw systems run online on a web browser, so no application needs to be installed. We’ll help you with the setup and from there, all it takes is a few simple steps to operate and execute the lucky draw.

Used in D&Ds, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Town Halls, Partner Events, Promotion Campaigns, Trade Shows And More By
Coca-Cola Singapore (Pacific Refreshments)
DBS Bank Singapore
Takashimaya Singapore and Vietnam
Visa Singapore
Johnson & Johnson
BOSCH Singapore
Standard Chartered Bank
Great Eastern Singapore
Huawei Singapore, Malaysia and Japan
Singapore Health Promotion Board
Government of Angola
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Integration & Ease of Use

Conveniently integrate our lucky draw systems into your existing workflows. Our online systems run on any modern web browser without any installation required. If you already utilise a RSVP / registration platform like Eventbrite or Google Forms, simply export the participant list as a CSV file to import into our lucky draw system.

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Configuration & Customisation

Our digital lucky draw systems offer extensive configuration options to match your brand’s identity. Fonts, colours, positions, background / mosaic images – they can all be adjusted. If the available options are insufficient, our developers can also dive in and create customisations that will be.

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Trust, Auditability & Security

All actions on our digital lucky draw systems are logged and auditable. They allow you to define the number of chances that each participant has, yet ensuring that each participant cannot win more than once. The systems may even allow you to define if each participant is eligible to win any specific prize(s).

Types of Digital Lucky Draws

Each lucky draw system has many variations in of style and functionality. Talk to us if you have a specific creative vision in mind!


This is the most popular and direct form of digital lucky draws. Simply prepare the list of eligible participants and the branded background image, load both into the system, and you’re good to go.

Have less than 50 pax in your event? Use the Lite version for free!


Add a visual and surprising twist to your event. First, get the participants to upload a selfie so that it gets displayed on a Digital Mosaic Wall.

When you’re ready, trigger the lucky draw and watch the participants on the wall vanish in succession until only the winner remains. Just like when Thanos snapped his fingers in the Avengers’ Infinity War.


For shopping and customer purchase lucky draw campaigns, Searix’s f8ball Retail Campaign Intelligence System has you covered.

Customers can scan a QR code to submit their purchase details or upload a receipt to exchange for lucky draw chances based on their spending.

Winners can be picked with the rolling jackpot style lucky draw in accordance with your local laws.

f8ball Customer Flow Receipt Upload


For on-site events that require your guests to register to be eligible for the lucky draw, the Searix QR Code Registration System incorporates this into the Digital Lucky Draw System too. For virtual events, the Searix Virtual Event Platform can limit the eligible participants to be those who were active only in the past 10 minutes.

For events and campaigns that run for a longer time prior to the lucky draw, the Searix Virtual Scavenger Hunt (VSH) can award lucky draw chances based on the activities completed, such as playing a game or submitting a pledge.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt at National Museum Singapore Overview

How The Lucky Draw Systems Work

Curate a list of participants with their lucky draw chances

1. Curate a list of participants with their lucky draw chances

Include associated details like their company, department or purchase amount.

Want a system to reward purchases with lucky draw chances? f8ball is for you.

Prepare branded assets to style the lucky draw screen

2. Prepare branded assets to style the lucky draw screen

Include your company or event logo in the background image or the mosaic overlay. Even fonts, font colours and font sizes are customisable!

Load participants and assets into the system and run the digital lucky draw

3. Load them into the system and run the lucky draw.

We’ll help you with the initial setup and provide simple video guides to help you with operating the lucky draw system.


Yes! It also has an exclusion feature for participants that may not win, e.g. temp staff, spouse of employees, or directors of a company. Upon confirming an event with us, we will provide you with a channel kit that contains guidelines on creating the guest list.

The largest Jackpot-Style Lucky Draw we’ve supported is for 500k participants with more than 4 million chances in total.

The Mosaic Wall / Thanos Lucky Draw can support either 144, 576, or 1296 concurrent photos being displayed on the digital mosaic wall. However, photos are constantly being swapped in and out. The largest participant pool the Thanos Lucky Draw has supported is 8,000.

The systems are able to support beyond that and just needs proper hardware and infrastructure configuration.

The participant information can be prepared using any spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Each row should correspond to 1 entry. You may include the participant’s name and other details in separate cells.

The background and mosaic overlay images should ideally be in JPEG format, recommended to be less than 700KB for efficient performance. The resolution of the image(s) should follow the live stream or projection resolution that you are using. In most cases, live streams are now running on a 16:9 ratio, e.g. 1920px * 1080px.

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