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On-Site Registration For D&Ds, Customer Appreciation Events and Award Ceremonies

Each basic barcode scanning station consists of –

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • Bar code / QR code scanner with a stand
  • Wireless system with software and registrant data pre-loaded
  • Manpower to operate the system and usher your registered guests

Everything Can Be Customized
Successful Registration

  • Background
  • Positioning of text and logos
  • Fonts and their sizes and colours
  • Welcome message, information (e.g. table number / reporting venue) and time to show message for
  • Optional notification messages for repeated scanning attempts


Printing Invitation Cards With Bar Codes

Sample Invitation Card With Bar Code

We are offer extremely competitive rates for invitation card printing, and are able to print bar codes directly on your invitation card.

Just tell us your desired…

  • Paper Quality (e.g. 250gsm)
  • Invitation Card Size (e.g. 220mm x 100mm)
  • Number of pieces (e.g. 1000pax)

And we’ll get back to you with a price you will love!


Technical Support Crew

We will provide a technical support personnel to operate an additional manual registration station for guests who have forgotten to bring their invitation card and such. He will operate from a supervisor control panel that can also add guests to the registration list, check on overall attendance rates, and more.

We also provide manpower to assist your guests in scanning their invitation card bar codes for more efficient queue management.


Prefer Using iPads Without Issuing Invitation Tickets?

iPad Registration for BNP Paribas Customer Appreciation

Models can hold iPads and operate a separate version of our non-ticket event registration system!

Just type in the first part of the name, and choose the right person from the filtered list.


On-Site Registration For Golf Events, Seminars, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)

Deloitte Risk Conference, Supported by Searix Solutions

Our system can perform check-in and check-out at multiple locations, and provide a report at the end of the event, detailing the tracking of guests attending different tracks.

We can also provide on-site label printing for your event attendees.


Electronic / Computerized Live Lucky Draws


  • Pre-draw – Generate thousands of lucky draw results with a click of a button
  • Live lucky draw – Swipe once to start the numbers rolling, swipe again to stop them like a slot machine
  • Tech support personnel will operate game draws and voiding of results if required

Again, You Can Customize Everything!

  • Inclusions and exclusions to each prize draw
  • Background, font colours, font sizes, logo, text



Integrated Voting System

Hosting a competition? Guests can scan a QR code projected on a screen, or printed on the dinner menu, or type in a short link to access our voting system for the event! Just enter their lucky draw / employee number and they’ll be presented with the options available for voting.

Want to make the event more high tech? Project the results, UPDATED LIVE!!

Voting - Live Page



Singapore company / organization events we have successfully supported

Singapore Event Clients Computerized Lucky Draw Registration



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