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Searix’s Pick – 3 Most Unique AR Filters In February

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Searix has been bringing to you weekly curated branded AR filters. But we realised that you’ve been missing out on filteres that are really innovative yet unbranded. That’s why from today, we’re starting a new series on our blog. Every month, we’ll showcase the 3 most unique and creative AR filters we’ve seen! To kick things off, we’ll let these 3 filters speak for themselves. Presenting 3 of the most unique filters the community has seen in February!

  1. Blind Drawing by GOWAAA

    A wise man once said “True vision does not require the eyes” and Gowaa took this too literally! Taking our fun childhood game of Pictionary to a whole different level, this filter challenges your inner artist to draw something interesting, BUT with your eyes closed! Sounds easy? Give it a try to see how well can you succeed this challenge!

  2. Shapes by MoreFiltersPls

    It is believed that colouring is therapeutic. Admit it, it has always been a fun thing to do since our childhood. Well, don’t have a colouring book and crayons handy? We have a tip – Head on to MoreFilterPls profile and check out their new filter. Let your inner child shine!

  3. Twenty-one cars by Favbet Ukraine

    GTA: Vice City has been one of the most legendary game of all times. What if we tell you can hop into the game and play it as if you are in the map? Well, Favbet Ukraine gave us this chance by introducing this extra-ordinary game filter where you can walk through the city, complete a virtual mission and relive those good old days of GTA Vice City. Alert! You might get addicted to this filter.

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