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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #1

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“Creativity is awesome, and so are the creators!”

Eye-catching AR effects don’t grow on trees. It takes a good dose of creativity, tons of dedication and some technical skill to pull off. We’re glad to start a weekly series that features some amazing creations published by brands around the world.

Here we begin with our first post of ‘Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase’ series.

  1. Hypnagogic by Xbox

    Do you know the surreal sleep experience you get after you play a video game and head to bed? Elements of the games will manifest in your sleep and you get amazingly lucid dreams. A short film by Taika Waititi featured gamers who were asked to play the Xbox Series X and sleep in a lab, where their neural activity would be tracked after being put in a half-awake, half-asleep state known as hypnagogia. This beautiful filter showcases you in exactly such a state!

  2. Table Settings by Nespresso

    How do you set a table for Christmas? Are you awake enough to do so? If not, get some Nespresso 😉

  3. HEY! Singapore by heyteasg

    “BBT is life” — Wise words from many Asians. If your social media showcases your life, it should showcase BBT. And that’s what makes this perfect. As HEYTEA turned 2, they organized a giveaway – if you post yourself using the filter on Instagram, you’d stand a chance to win prizes like a year worth of free drinks, merchandise and even a pair of Adidas ZX 7000 shoes.

  4. Goldeyes by Kopiszka

    Natalia Kopiszka from Poland is an upcoming jewelry designer / influencer with a unique style and it shows her designs. Already being featured in media outlets like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, she’s got this filter that puts on a few of her funky designs on you. Try it out!

  5. sELFie by Oranamall

    The name of the effect 💯. The jiggling gravity added to the hat is cute! If you share your pictures or videos with the hashtag #oranamall, you get a chance to win a $50 BIG W Gift Card weekly.

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