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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #12 – Featuring NatGeo, Benefit Cosmetics & Converse

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This is the 12th showcase of Searix weekly branded AR filters and we hope you’re liking this series. We strive to bring to you some of the most curated and liked filters there are. Here are 6 more to add to that list. Have fun scrolling!

  1. MARS AR by National Geographic

    Humans could make it to Mars one day, but for now, National Geographic’s latest AR experience developed with NASA may be as close as you can get. Become the Perseverance rover to search for ancient signs of life and see its first panoramic views of the red planet. Then, switch to selfie mode and share videos of yourself using the laser beam attached to the rover’s head.

  2. TAR Magnet Lash Lab by Benefit Cosmetics UK

    Benefit Cosmetics, on the launch of their brand new powerfully attractive They’re Real! Magnet mascara, launched their new enthralling AR game filter which will make you blink your eyes in awe (quite literally). Try it our yourself! Head to the link in their bio to explore They’re Real! Magnet AR game AND spin to win!

  3. DRKSHDW by Converse

    Converse launched a gigantic AR filter for its new Converse x DRKSHDW line of sneakers. Use the filter to experience a life size version of the newest sneakers they have to offer.

  4. Happiness Crown by Lancôme Official

    “Happiness blooms from within!”. Lancôme is here with a pleasing filter that spreads happiness! The flower blooming animation and the happy vibes of the filter is what adds to its aesthetic vibe!

  5. The Lifting Club by Gymshark

    Remember how disheartened fitness enthusiasts were when the gyms were shut last year? Well, Gymshark is here with The Lifting Club, a super-innovative filter which brings your happy place to you. Do try it out!

  6. AS Roma x NB by AS Roma

    Footballers make great runners too! AS Roma, with their official technical partner New Balance, invites all the football fans to run and collect all the balls dodging the obstacles. Have fun!

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