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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #16 – Featuring Porsche, Converse Polska & Laforet Harajuku

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Bringing to you another set of branded AR filters that glazed the platform with their beautiful ideas. Enjoy scrolling!

  1. Feed your soul by Porsche

    What makes this filter so catchy and attractive is its genius implemention of double exposure. Choose between 3 backgrounds and control the sensitivity using the slider. Give it a try!

  2. City Forest mural 4 by Converse Polska

    Converse City Forests Campaign is a series of murals around the globe that uses Graphenstone’s ecological air purifying paint to improve the air quality around the murals. Converse Polska did a great job giving life to these masterpieces. They’ve come up with 5 of such highly artistic filters which brings the art to life!

  3. TomandJerry トムジェリ 1F by ラフォーレ原宿 / Laforet HARAJUKU

    In commemoration of the release of the latest movie “Tom and Jerry”, Laforet HARAJUKU held a Tom and Jerry Cartoon Carnival Collection at Laforet Harajuku. They’ve released a set of 3 filters for everyone to try and enjoy the carnival! Do check these filters out.

  4. Book of Jokes by Literati Kids

    Literati Kids, being an award-winning book clubs for kids of all ages, got us an entire collection of book jokes in their first filter – Book of Jokes. Tap and try to guess the joke before the time runs out.

  5. Stan Yourself by Adidas Originals

    The latest adidas Originals x Disney Stan Smith collection features Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters alongside the new, more sustainable Stan Smith sneakers. Here’s a simply fun filter to Stan Yourself!

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