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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #17 – Featuring Red Bull Austria, Rimowa & JD

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This week we’ve curated 8 fabulous AR filters and games by brands from around the globe. Do check all of them!

  1. Summer Edition by Red Bull Austria 🇦🇹

    Ever wanted to play treasure hunt on an island? Well, Red Bull Austria is here with something unique in their latest AR game filter ‘Summer Edition’. In this AR game, you have to find all of the treasure crates and tap on each to open them within 30 seconds. Experience this visually pleasing game and do put on your headphones to enjoy the beautifully crafted audio experience they’ve added. Have fun mate!

  2. Mars & Mercury by RIMOWA

    Rimowa, a leading high-quality luggage brand, released their first filter featuring their new Mars and Mercury collection. Just like these travel accessories, the filter is also inspired by far-off destinations, taking you to a space experience off to either Mars or Mercury.

  3. Never Stop by JD

    Want to know what you should never stop doing? JD and The North Face is here with a highly motivating filter which tells you what you should never stop doing. Additionally, it even suggests what you should do. Remember, Never Stop!

  4. T&J Inda House by Warner Play

    Tom and Jerry have always been the best cartoon characters for almost every kid. Now on the occasion of the release of a new Tom and Jerry film, Warner Play introduced us their new filter where you get a chance to dance with Tom and Jerry and also have a peak into the famous Jerry Hole!

  5. Unleash Crash by Crash Bandicoot: On the Run

    Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is a mobile endless runner game where you have to run, jump, spin, smash and do much more to survive and win. Here they are with an AR game on Instagram where you can get a glimpse of the original game. Tap to change lanes and collect them all!

  6. Godzilla, Save Me by IGN

    Here’s a fun filter by IGN based on the latest blockbuster Godzilla vs Kong movie. The King Kong has got you and only Godzilla can save you now. The animations and the audio experience is top notch!

  7. SS21 in NATURE by Danse Lente

    Danse Lente recently launched their SS21 collection of bags and their first ever line of vegan shoes. Along with the wholesome collection, they also published their first ever filter showcasing 3 products from their collection. Go check them out!

  8. Spring 21 by Ralph Lauren

    “All or nothing at all”. The Ralph Lauren Spring 2021 collection debuts with an immersive fashion experience. Check out their new filter.

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