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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #22 – Featuring Silpo, Redragon Brasil and Farfetch

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Greetings from Searix. Are you ready to head with us on a journey of discovering some freshly launched Instagram filters? Brace up and scroll on!

  1. Пасхалка by Silpoua

    SILPO retail chain, who’re one of the largest national chains of food supermarkets in Ukraine, came up with an amusing easter egg filter for everyone. Tap to spin the wheel and try out different heroes of the easter egg universe. Do participate in the filter giveaway they’re hosting on their page to win amazing prizes!

  2. Infernal Dragon by Redragon Brasil

    A good-looking cabinet is a must for every pc gamer out there. Redragon Brasil’s Infernal Dragon cabinet is made with out-of-the-box design and aesthetics to suit everyone’s needs. Having difficulty imagining how it’ll look in your setup? Well Radragon Brasil is here to help you out. Check out their latest filter where you can put a life size cabinet on your desk and see how it’ll look.

  3. Dancing Diamonds by FARFETCH

    Did you know that there’s a new luxury watch with dancing diamonds? Well if you want to have a look, check out Farfetch and Chopard’s pages on Instagram. Don’t forget to have a look at their filter, which totally resonates the essence of the watch. Dancing diamonds await you!

  4. A DEAD COFFIN CLUB by Valleyeyewear

    Valley is a luxury eyewear brand from Australia producing hand-crafted eyewear from the finest of materials. A new entry in their collection is A Dead Coffin Club which is also available at your fingertips to try. Head to their page, check out their new filter and tap to try on different eyewear.

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