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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #23 – Featuring RTFKT Studios, Longchamp and The Amazon Vest Life

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Presenting you this week’s collection of stunning AR filters from our beloved brands. Have fun trying them out.

  1. MetaPigeon by RTFKT Studios

    RTKFT Studios and Jeff Staple together launched MetaPigeon drop, a NFT + Physical sneakers collection. Amongst the 4 versions, the Meta-Pigeon BOSS was sold for 25.3ETH / $89.9k! Taking the creativity further, RTFKT introduced an AR filter using which you can place a Meta Pigeon around you! Have fun with the Pigeon. Coo.

  2. Eyewear by LONGCHAMP

    Longchamp, a Parisian fashion house, came up with this perfect virtual try-on AR filter for sunglasses. The glasses and the reflections are great, but there’s more. Turn your sound up to get a much better realistic feel of trying-on these sunglasses.

  3. Reading Challenge by The Amazon Vest Life

    The Amazon Vest Life, an official account for all the Amazon associates, launched a one-of-its-kind AR game filter. Try out the Reading Challenge filter and have fun. It also gives your neck muscles a little stretch.


    KOMONO, breaking free of convention, has launched a range of forward-looking sunglasses under their Metamorphosis campaign. The fun part is, you can try many of their newly-launched looks through their unique AR Filter. Head to their page and try it out.

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