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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #24 – Featuring Ford Europe, Coca-Cola Polska and Disney Spain

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Brands put a lot of brain and money in their marketing. All of it is aimed at your engagement and entertainment. As you scroll through, you will come across 7 brands that brought phenomenal ideas to life this week. Engage and enjoy!

  1. Puma ST Racer by Ford Europe

    Admit it, AR Games are fun to play. Ford Europe is here to add a cherry on the top of basic AR Games. Try out this impressive racing filter with a lot of twists and turns. Everything from the animations to the performance of the game makes it something extra on top of the normal running games that we’ve seen in the past. Try to beat your own high-score and have fun drifting!

  2. Najlepsza Ever? by Coca-Cola Polska

    Coca-Cola Polska is here with … You know what, this filter doesn’t really need an explanation. Just scan the coke and watch the magic happen. Later, you can answer the question for yourself – Best Coca-Cola Ever?

  3. Princesas Disney by Disney Spain

    On the occasion of the new Disney Princess ebook release, Disney Spain is here to make it even more exciting by adding AR to it. Scan the book and get a live virtual book reading experience.

  4. Disney’s Cruella by M·A·C Cosmetics

    The Disney Cruella Collection by M·A·C celebrates the most iconic looks of Disney’s Cruella in her new life- action film set in the 70s. Make up your own rules with a covetable collection of punk-rock reds and haute metallic hues. Don’t wanna go through the hassle? Well Mac got your back! Try out the latest beauty filter on their profile and get the fierce Cruells look in just one tap!

  5. Night Vision by ZARA Official

    Did you know that the most famous fashion brand Zara now also has a Beauty collection! Didn’t know that? Well get excited! Zara doesn’t only have a range of fabulous products, but they also have a set of beauty filters for you to try.

  6. La Medusa by Versace

    Versace recently launched their new collection of La Medusa line of accessories, inspired by the historic unique icon of beauty. Medusa’s story represents unapologetic authority and female empowerment, just as their new AR filter does. Try this empowering effect Versace released for the SS21 collection.

  7. Playoffs Portal by Tampa Bay Lightning

    What better a way to celebrate the playoffs than having a lightning AR filter that amazes everyone? Tampa Bay Lightning, a professional ice hockey team based in Tampa, Florida, is here with an unique portal effect that takes you to the locker room tunnel.

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