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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #27 – Featuring Coldplay, Nike Basketball and Vogue Portugal

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Enjoy our 27th collection of AR filters that amazes everyone every other week.

  1. HIGHER POWER by Coldplay

    Any Coldplay fans here? You’re going to love this. Coldplay just released an eye-catching filter as on ode to their new release, Higher Power. Check it out.

  2. PG5 x Playstation by Nike Basketball

    Paul George has been a PlayStation™ fanatic since he was a kid, and his ongoing collaboration with the beloved gaming brand now extends to his latest signature, the PG 5. The sneaker’s white and black upper is directly inspired by the sleek design of the PlayStation™5, with accents of gray and blue featured to match the coveted console. Nike Basketball is here with a funky PS5 themed AR filter which you can try and enjoy!

  3. Vogue Pink by Vogue Portugal

    Vogue Portugal starred Kitten Kay in their May issue. And guess what? You can be the pinkest person in the world too. Find the Vogue Pink filter on their page.

  4. Bosphorus Zone Game by İGA Istanbul Airport

    How long has it been since you visited the airport? You must be missing Airport shopping. Well, İGA Istanbul Airport is here with a new Instagram game filter where you could fulfil this wish. You are allowed to run around and collect endless goodies. Watch out for the obstacles.

  5. Plant A Coral by Eau Thermale Avène

    Corals are precious and beyond beautiful. At many places underwater, you’re not even allowed to touch one. But here is Eau Thermale Avène with a creative filter on the occasion of World Ocean Day. It allows you to bring the corals home and decorate your space as you desire.

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