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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #28 – Featuring McDonald’s Singapore, Red Bull Belgium and Colgate

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This week’s collection of Branded AR Filters will literally get you smiling while trying them. Keep scrolling and smiling.

  1. Our Superman by McDonald’s Singapore

    “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero.” – Fred Rogers. To all such Supermans, McDonald’s Singapore is here with a cute and attractive filter to help everyone enjoy a special day. Celebrate Father’s Day with this filter and let him know why he’s the Superman of the family. Time to shower the world’s greatest man with love. 🥰

  2. High Five Nafi by Red Bull Belgium

    Nafi Thiam is a Belgian athlete specializing in multi-event competition. Red Bull Belgium is here with a fun filter where you can support Nafi in completing multiple sports just by tapping as fast as you can. Place the stadium on your floor, high-five Nafi to start the game, keep tapping the high-five button as fast as you can to make her win. The faster you tap the better she scores.

  3. Smile Lens by Colgate

    Want to know what your one smile can do? Head on to Colgate’s profile and try out their Smile lens filter to see how one smile can change something. Tip: Keep smiling. 🙂

  4. #DGBUTTERFLIES by Dolce&Gabbana

    Dolce&Gabbana introduced the Second Drop of DGxKhaled, their Special Collection created in collaboration with DJ Khaled. Check their profile to try this beautiful Butterfly filter. Want to know what more can a smile do? Find out yourself by smiling while using this filter.

  5. Personas by The JUNO Awards

    Every person has a different persona in every situation. The JUNO Awards is here with a filter which converts you into 4 different personas. Try each one of them and let us know which one of these resonate the most with you?

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