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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #29 – Featuring END, NYX Professional Makeup and Amnesty Austria

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This week we were able to gather a variety of Branded AR filters that has the power to amaze anyone who tries them. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through this post and get ready to be amazed!

  1. Neighborhood F.C. by END.

    To celebrate the launch of END. x Adidas x Neighborhood “Neighborhood F.C.”, End Clothing is here with a unique AR Game filter and a competition around it. All you have to do is control the football using your head movements and make it pass through every goal and score the highest of all to stand a chance to win the entire collection! Competition ended on 25th June 2020. You can still play the game and have fun.

  2. Throwback by NYX Professional Makeup

    NYX Cosmetics is back with another classic makeup filter. This Throwback filter has three different throwback looks inspired by the 90s styles. Tap to switch between these looks and see for yourself which one looks better on you! Use the slider to control the cute backgrounds.

  3. Reality Differs by Amnesty Austria

    The idea of using an interactive application to show users what refugees experience day after day is really innovative. In the search for protection, refugees often have to resort to emergency solutions. Many lives in abandoned buildings, mostly without electricity and water. On the World Refugee Day, Amnesty Austria came up with an interactive AR filter to draw attention to the tragic situation of many refugees. The goal is to change something – in the filter there is also the request to donate. Using this filter one can get an idea of how different their four walls are compared to your own four walls.

  4. CHANEL Electro Dance by CHANEL

    Inspired by the energy of electronic music and Chanel’s latest Electro Capsule Collection, Chanel is here with another electro filter showcasing a really catchy face filter with some flashy colors and a target-tracked 3D electro figure dancing its heart out!

  5. Win Nespresso Vertuo by Nespresso Nederland

    Nespresso Nederland is here with a chance for you to win a shiny matt black Nespresso Vertuo machine to get yourself a perfect cup of coffee. Check out their new filter, tap the capsule to start unlocking a special code. As soon as the animation ends, you would get a code which then you can enter in their website to be a part of the lucky draw.

  6. Aerobitch by MARTINE COSMETICS

    On the occasion of the launch of a new palette “1988” by Martine and her aerobitches, Martine Cosmetics published their first makeup filter featuring some astonishing looks and a headband which changes color as you tap.

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