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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #32 – Featuring The Olympic Games, Science Centre Singapore and Lloyd’s Inn

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It’s week 32 and we’re glad to have you here. Your weekend is about to get special, for reasons you will know when you scroll through the page. Go on, you can thank us later 🙂

  1. Do What I Do! by The Olympic Games

    The ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics has already got every heart excited. While our sportspersons continue to perform and shine, here is something to add to our fun. Try out this filter where you have to match all of Miraitowa’s poses in the order. Do what the mascot does!

  2. Inner Da Vinci by Science Centre Singapore

    We’ve all heard tales of how great Da Vinci was in everything he put his feet in. Which part of his entirety connects with you the most? Find out on Science Centre Singapore’s Instagram page by using their new filter.

  3. Secret Garden by LLOYD’S INN

    We all yearn to find a little acre of green in this concrete jungle we live in, don’t we? Lloyd’s Inn is here with a filter that
    seeks to transport users into a natural space all without moving an inch. Go gardening this weekend with their new AR filter Secret Garden. If you’re visiting, don’t forget to show a snapshot of your handmade garden to the front desk at Lloyd’s Inn to collect your baby plant.

  4. Shark Week IRL by Discovery

    Sharks are just as fascinating as they are scary. If one were to come to you for real, you would definitely want to run away. But Discovery has made it possible for you to experience what it is to have a shark in your space. Don’t worry, it’s a trained one.

  5. Ralph’s Club by Ralph Lauren Fragrances

    Achromatic pictures are on the trend. Follow the bandwagon by using Ralph Lauren Fragrance’s new AR filter where you can shoot those astonishing shots of yourself and invite others to join you at the Ralph’s Club.

  6. The Tomorrow War by Amazon Prime Video IN

    AR creations are increasingly finding their place in the marketing realm, especially and newly so for movie promotions. What Amazon Prime Video IN did differently though was to allow users to actually be in a movie scene from The Tomorrow War. Tap to hop into the portal.

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