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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #33 – Featuring Nature Box, The New York Times and Channel 4

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Here is to add some sugar and spice to your Monday.

  1. Nature Box Tunnel by Nature Box

    Slides are always fun and with this filter you get to go on a joyous colorful ride. You also get to choose from two super cute characters: Argan Nut or Avocado. Try it and have fun sliding.

  2. When to Wear a Mask by The New York Times

    …Art inspires and art educates. Loaded with wonderful illustrations, this filter is a fantastic leap ahead in the efforts of spreading awareness among the masses about masks.

  3. What bake are you? by Channel 4

    Think about a better bakery pick-up line. We will wait.

  4. Race a Gold Meedalist by The New York Times

    You think you can run better than your friends? Why not try and race against a gold medalist? Use this filter to get in an AR race and see if you can beat a gold medalist.

  5. Balenciaga’s Fantasy by FARFETCH

    To celebrate the launch of Balenciaga’s new collection Farfetch worked with Masha Batsii and made this filter to immerse you in this fantastical worlds.

  6. SHEER VELVET 3D by Givenchy Beauty

    The world now has life sized cakes, so why not life sized makeup? Givenchy Beauty is here to put this fantasy into reality. Check out the filter, you’ll know.

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