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Searix’s Pick – 5 Most Unique AR Filters In June

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As we bid adieu to the last month, let’s take a moment to appreciate these fabulous creators whose imagination enriched our Instagram experience once and forever! Scroll on, have fun, and happy July!

  1. True Archery Range by Eugene Soh

    Does Archery excite you? Whatever be your answer, this AR archery game will definitely catch your interest. Eugene Soh is here with something unique and fun AR game filter. Tap on the screen to place the target in your surroundings, tap and hold to pull the arrow and release to shoot it. The more you hold the far it goes. There’s even a bonus star which gets you extra points if you hit it.

  2. Virtual fashion by J. Augusto

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tap to change the colour and style of any piece of clothing that you’re wearing? Thanks to the multiple segmentation feature, J. Augusto is here with a Virtual Fashion filter that allows you to change the colours of your outfit and add prints to make multiple combinations out of it. Use the circular buttons to change the colour and prints, use the slider to control the saturation and intensity and finally once you think you’ve got a perfect pair, just tap and hold on the screen to hide the tools and click an awesome photo of your newly made dress.

  3. Shot on iPhone by Naveen

    Gone are the days when we had to install another editor app for enhancing our pictures for Instagram stories. This editing filter by Naveen will make your life easier. It allows you to edit your photos as you like right before posting it. Just tap on the screen to bring up the editor UI, adjust your settings to your liking and tap again to hide the UI. There you go. A perfect picture/video.

  4. Zombie Boy by Maximkuzlin

    Now that creators got their hands on body segmentation feature, the community has been seeing a lot of tattoo filters and Maximkuzlin just took it to another level. Here is a sketched full body zombie tattoo. If you’ve always wanted to try one, you know where to go.

  5. Twisted Towers by Projoe ARfilters

    Ever felt like playing some simple yet fun interactive games? Well, Projoe has a whole package of these filters. In this game, you have to open your mouth to control the bullets from the tank and take out every block of the twisted tower in order to capture the flag at the end, which can be customized with your picture as well.

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