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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #5

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The first week of 2021 has brought us so many good things. Here we present some incredible AR creations and some interesting campaigns/events from various brands that will get you more excited for this year!

  1. Year of the Ox by Lego

    Wondering what will the year of the ox bring? Why don’t you let this incredible filter by Lego predict that for you? Look out for the dazzling animations for each and every thing you get!

  2. SOUL auf Disney+ by Disney+ DE

    This filter is just as cute as the movie and as soon as you switch to your back camera, it’ll definitely take your breath away! Pan around the screen to see the whole little world!

  3. Chomp Chomp O-LOI-YA by Oloiya

    Oloiya is here with an amazing contest that revolves around their brand new filter. Stand a chance to win OLOIYA Premium Gift Box by participating in this contest. Play the game and score as much as you can. Post it as a story and tag @oloiya and use #oloiya along-with your score. The contest ends on 21st January. Participants who follows the rules will get a RM9 OLOIYA discount coupon too!

  4. 새해에는 세배피자 by Dominostory

    Dominostory have an event going on in which you can participate and win mouth-watering Domino’s Triple Pizzas. All you have to do is record a video using their filter and tag @dominostory and post a story. The event lasts till 24/01 so you better hurry up!

  5. TSG – Travel 2021 by PVR Pictures

    PVR Pictures celebrates the release of a must-watch movie ‘The Secret Garden’ by letting you visit all the secret places virtually using this filter.

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