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Searix Weekly Branded AR Filters Showcase #8

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Introducing 4 top brands and their incredibly creative filters. Check them out!

  1. Express Your Emoji by Purar

    Because of the pandemic, the face mask has become a necessary peice of everyone’s attire. Purar’s mission is to provide people with a comfortable and fashionable accessory which enables them to breathe cleaner air by leveraging the creativity of young designers. We at Searix, along with our partner agency Adtomica, created this sterling filter for Purar where you can try out one of their most brilliant set of masks which comes in 6 quirky colors and sizes.

  2. Open To Better by Coca-Cola Belgium

    Admit it, Instagram game filters are more fun to play than video games today. Coca-Cola Belgium is here with a very quirky game filter which lets you be the most loveable Coca-Cola Can and collect love throught the seasons.

  3. Your 2021 Hotel by VResorts

    Choosing a good place to stay at is one of the most difficult parts of planning a vacation. VResorts is here to your rescue. Use their latest filter to find the best hotels. Happy vacation!

  4. Face Dunk by Oreo Arabia

    Oreo is by far the most devoured biscuit throughout the globe! Experimenting and playing with these savoury cookies has always been fun. Oreo Arabia has introduced a super fun game filter where you get to dunk these cookies into milk glasses, playing alongside of a partner to see who bags the best score. Taking fun with Oreos to a whole new level!

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