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Searix’s Pick – 4 Most Unique AR Filters In March

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The month of march has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride for most of us. What came as breath of fresh air are these stupendously extraordinary creations that lets you catch a few minutes of relaxation and chuckles. Presenting 4 of the most unique filters the community has seen in the month of March!

  1. Child of the Meta by MARC O MATIC

    Art can change the world. A simple ink illustration can make you feel emotions that you never thought you could. Marc O Matic have been turning their ink illustrations into living, breathing creations. Their goal is to create storytelling through AR Art and Graphics! How cool is that! Check it out.

  2. CokeShuffleChallenge by Coca Cola DK

    Coke completes fun, at every party, at every celebration and now even on Instagram. Coca Cola DK presents a quirky dance filter for their #CocaColaKickShuffle challenge. Just pop open a can of coke and follow their lead!

  3. Nose Maze by Eugene Soh

    If there was ever an intriguing test of motor co-ordination, attention and control, this would be it. Eugene Soh is here with something completely out of the box. Try this nose maze and put your underappreciated skills to work!

  4. Birthday MPC by For Those I Love

    Your love for music creation shall never be hindered by the possession of an instrument. For Those I Love is here to help you enhance your talents and showcase it on a world-wide platform. Let swirl your creative juices.

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