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Searix’s Pick – 5 Most Unique AR Filters In April

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Let’s have a look back at April and some of the most unique AR filters the community has come up with!

  1. Bel-Air Game by the yellow drop by selfridges

    The Yellow Drop teamed up with Bel-Air Athletics to shoot some hoops. In this surprisingly unique game filter, tap and use your back camera to scan the room for basketball hoops. When the game starts, you have to shoot as many hoops as possible withing the time limit by pointing to the basketball hoops. The way every other thing animates and the gameplay of this filter is worthy of appraisal from everyone. Have fun hooping!

  2. Pong by JAN ♥️ ERIC

    Pong is a table tennis–themed game which is loved by all. Here’s your chance to play this game on Instagram. Jen and Eric are here with a single and dual player AR Pong game where you can either play with a bot if you are alone or with a friend.

  3. Tower Builder by Maru Design

    Maru Studio is here with another arcade game, the famous Tower Builder. Try this AR game and build a proper tower by blinking your eyes at the exact moment. The idea and execution behind this game filter is really impressive. Watch out for the last piece of the tower, it hurts the most when you lose on the last stage!

  4. Rubik’s Head by Nahuel Basterretche

    Love solving a Rubik’s cubes but need something extraordinary? Nahuel is here with something exquisite. Try his latest AR filter and have fun solving a rather unique Rubik’s cube. Tap on each corner to rotate the cube. You can either play around rotating and jumbling the cube yourself or you can let the filter jumble it up and then try to solve it! Hats off to the idea!

  5. Level Up 9R 5G by OnePlus India

    OnePlus released the latest 9 series which got an amazing response from around the globe. OnePlus India launched a surprisingly unique AR Unboxing + Game filter. This one of its kind Game filter must be appreciated for the wholesome idea, the animations of the tower and the gameplay which all bundles up to make an astonishing unboxing experience for everyone. Truly they’ve levelled up the bar!

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