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Searix’s Pick – Lunar New Year 2022

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Searix wishes you a very Happy Lunar New Year. May you have a blast. Here are some wonderful AR Filters to add a bit of glitter to your celebrations. Xin Nian Kuai Le!πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

  1. #UOBLNY2022 by UOB

    Celebrate the tiger 🐯 by learning about protecting their wild habitats. Switch to back camera and start looking around for hidden tigers. When you find one, tap on it to get an interesting question and answer it to keep the game going. Switch to front camera to capture a beautiful picture of yourself to celebrate the new year.

  2. Yummy GoodieLand by CapitaLand Malls SG

    CapitaLand Malls SG has a magic ingot for you. Give it a try.

  3. Balancing Ingots by HSBC Singapore

    We wish you a very happy, prosperous and balanced year ahead. Oh, you can put that to test right away. Try this game by HSBC where you should balance ingot successfully for 15 seconds. Legends says, that winning this game will give you blessings for the next year.

  4. Fortune Car Race by FairPrice

    New year = Celebration and Celebration = Shopping. FairPrice just made shopping all the more fun. Go online with your partner and try to be faster in picking up the most number of items! We hope you win πŸ™‚

  5. Year of the Tiger by LEGO

    Lego wishes you a paws-perous Year of the Tiger! Celebrate the New Year of the Tiger by using this cute AR filter and try on their mask that will predict experience for this year.

  6. Happy Year of Tiger by Henderson Land ζ’εŸΊε…†ζ₯­εœ°η”’

    Here’s a sweet roar into the Lunar New Year. And a secret trick – try giving this tiger a pat.

  7. Happy Lunar New Year by Searix

    Bian Lian is a traditional Chinese dramatic art where performers wear colorful masks that they can change in a flash! Sounds exciting? You can try our brand-new filter that lets you experience the art yourself. Wave your hand in front of your face and see the magic happen.

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