Digital Solutions For Corporate, Institutional & MICE Events
Meetings. Conferences. Exhibitions. Award Ceremonies. Graduations. Launch Events. Open Houses.
Transform corporate, institutional and MICE events with our bespoke digital systems. Featuring sophisticated RSVP & registration systems seamlessly integrated with a variety of environmentally sustainable badge printing options and gamified digital engagement activities to encourage personalised attendee interaction. Elevate your professional events with unparalleled efficiency and interactive flair, crafting experiences that leave a lasting impact on every attendee.
  1. End-to-end registration services, including branded RSVP, on-site QR code registration and name badge printing, supporting...
    • Sticker labels
    • FSC certified paper badges
    • Eco-friendly plastic badges
  2. Gamified Virtual Scavenger Hunt to incentivise visiting exhibition booths
    • Integrate with a leaderboard
    • Further incentivise with a digital lucky draw
    • Export check-in records at booths
    • Send emails with educational material based on check-in records
  3. Digital Displays
    • Name Display System for graduation and award ceremonies
    • Appreciation and message walls
    • Personalised welcome name displays
  4. Voting Systems
  5. Launch Mechanisms
  6. Event-Specific Virtual Name Cards
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Digital Solutions for Entertainment Events
Gala Dinner & Dance. Family Days. Networking Events. Hospitality Events.
Breathe life into entertainment events with our suite of innovative digital solutions. Ranging from comprehensive Registration Systems integrated with Lucky Draw Systems (including our own Thanos Draw™) to dynamic Message Walls, and exciting AR Filters. The Virtual Media Booth adds an interactive element that keeps your audience engaged. Each product is designed to deliver a memorable and engaging event experience, amplifying the fun and excitement inherent in entertainment gatherings.
  1. QR Code online RSVP and on-site event registration system
    • Custom branded RSVP websites
    • Sending of invitation and QR code confirmation emails, SMSes and WhatsApp messages
    • Scanning of QR codes to capture on-site attendance
    • Signature module to track collection of door gifts
  2. Digital lucky draw systems
    • Rolling names in a jackpot-style animation
    • Thanos Draw™ - an interesting lucky draw idea expanded from a digital mosaic wall
  3. QR Code live voting system
  4. Virtual Media Booth
    • With event-branded custom frames and stickers
    • With event-branded AI Face Swap
  5. Digital Displays
    • With event-branded custom frames and stickers
    • With event-branded AI Face Swap
  6. TikTok, Instagram & Web AR filters and games
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Brand Activations & Engagement
AR Filters. Redemption Systems. Virtual Scavenger Hunts. Virtual Media Booths. Digital Displays. Lucky Draws & Lucky Dips.
Ignite brand activations and fuel engagement. From dynamic Referral and Redemption Systems that drive customer action, to Launch Mechanisms that make product introductions unforgettable. Our Virtual Media Booth and Virtual Scavenger Hunt inject fun and interactivity, while Digital Displays and the f8ball captivate and communicate. Dive into our case studies to explore a world of interactive exhibits tailored to elevate brand experiences.
  1. AR Filters for Events and Campaigns
    • Facebook & Instagram
    • TikTok
  2. Lucky Draws
    • f8ball - the spend & win lucky draw system for brands, shopping malls and chain stores
    • Lucky Dips - to give every participant a shot at winning a prize
  3. Launch Solutions
    • Launch Mechanisms - allow attendees to participate in your launch
    • Queue Management System
  4. Photo Booths and Digital Displays
  5. Gamified Virtual Scavenger Hunt for curated brand experiences
  6. Interactive media
    • RFID tables and booths
    • Tracking walking / cycling
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Featured projects:
Digital Experimentation
AR. AI. IoT. 5G. What's Next?
Push the boundaries of what's possible.
  1. AI Face Swap Photo Booth
  2. AI Avatar @ Events
  3. AI Storytelling
  4. Launch Mechanisms With Audience Participation
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