Event & Campaign Systems
Products developed in-house to transform the event and campaign experience.
Showcasing our innovation during Covid-19 are our queue management systems, Virtual Scavenger Hunt (VSH) and AR filters. Our systems bring technology to the forefront of events services, helping our clients with digital event platforms, registrations, voting, lucky draws, digital mosaic walls, photo booths and other functions with maximum impact and visibility.
  1. Queue management systems
  2. Career fair management systems
  3. Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    • For tourist attractions like museums and wildlife parks
    • For exhibitions and product launches with safe distancing measures
    • For annual dinners, loyalty award ceremonies, family days, corporate events
  4. Web & Instagram AR filters and games
  5. QR Code online RSVP and on-site event registration system
    • For annual dinners, loyalty award ceremonies, family days, corporate events
    • For meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, awards, AGMs
  6. Digital lucky draw systems
    • Live events
    • Promotional campaigns
  7. QR Code live voting system
  8. Digital carnival system
  9. Moderated Q&A platform
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Make the best decisions to drive digital transformation.
At Searix, we don’t just ask questions. We ask the right questions and actively seek feedback to gain a comprehensive view of our clients' problems in order to make the best decisions. Our recommendations and solutions are data-driven, flexible and efficient. We prize open communication between all stakeholders and the spirit of smart experimentation. We adopt the forward-thinking view that the pain of "change" is less than the pain of "same" in the long-run.
  1. Projects scoping & planning
  2. Business process & system design for digital transformation
    • Operations optimisation & automation
    • e-Commerce
    • Data analytics
  3. Project management & support
  4. Integrated systems development & maintenance
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Making technology work for everyone.
User experiences form the core of every project at Searix Solutions. We believe in technology adoption, that our solutions provide the maximum usability and utility to the end users. Our designers conduct extensive usability testing, and make changes based on data that builds the best case possible for the usage of the solution.
  1. User Experience
    • Contextual and behavior research
    • Data analysis and information architecture
    • Wireframe & prototype design
  2. User Interface
    • Continuous research & improvement
    • Branding & graphic development
    • Interactivity and animation
    • Cross-device compatible design
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Talks & Workshops
Leading positive change.
Our vision is to build a future where organizations take fundamental steps to adopt technology for positive change. But we are not alone. We aim to support fellow technology leaders, developers and designers to drive this vision in their own way. Our talks and lectures create a platform for the sharing of experience, expertise and research.
  1. Conference Presentations
  2. Lectures
    • Online series
    • Monthly events
  3. Meetups
  4. Free consultancy for startups
    • Weekly phone-in sessions
    • Consultation booths
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